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Girl With Parasol

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Is any piece of art worth a human life?

It’s 1940, and Paris is occupied by the Nazis.  Corinne tries to hide her Jewish ancestry, preserve the family art gallery, and protect ‘Girl with Parasol,’ Monet’s masterpiece of air and light – which is a portrait of her mother.

Her friend Rose, the sole French curator at the secret German transit point for stolen artworks, spies on the Nazis and risks her life to pass details of mass-scale looting to the Resistance.

When Corinne meets Thomas, an enigmatic German diplomat, the danger increases.   Trapped between love for Corinne and the orders of his Nazi masters who covet her painting, Thomas triggers events that will take away ‘Girl with Parasol’ for the next fifty years.

Girl with Parasol is a suspenseful novel about a little-known aspect of World War II that hit the headlines with the discovery of a cache of looted art in Munich, and the release of George Clooney’s feature film The Monuments Men.

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