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- The House of The Corsair -

Romantic comedy set in Saint Malo

When Amanda arrives in Brittany on the run from a failed love affair, all she’s looking for is somewhere quiet to lick her wounds. But then she meets Gilles and his children, Corinne and Jonathan, who have been abandoned by their mother. Although Gilles is as arrogant and unpredictable as his seventeenth-century pirate ancestors, Amanda agrees to look after his children for the summer. Gradually her distrust of him vanishes, despite interference from his girlfriend Viviane, glamourous and bitchy; his wife Susie, selfish and thoughtless; and his neighbour Simon, sexy and utterly ruthless.


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- The Snow King -

Romantic comedy set in Paris

Olivia is through with men. Six years ago, she moved to Paris to marry Denis, but now her marriage has failed and she has vowed never to be dependent on a man again.

She’s going to get a divorce, find a job, and buy a house. What better way to use the money she inherited from her grandmother the gunrunner? Whatever happens, she’s not going back to Canada. But then she meets Mathieu, cool and unreadable, possibly a crook, and his brother Patrick, tough and threatening, definitely a crook – and all her good resolutions fall apart.



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