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Master Control

the-angels-of-russiamusic-at-the-garden-houseCafe Maracanda by Patricia le Roy

This summer I recovered the rights to three early works from an online publisher who’d been sitting on them for years.

The three books,  The Angels of Russia, Music at the Garden House, and Café Maracanda are based on the knowledge of Soviet life and times I acquired in the 1970s and 1980s while working at Radio Liberty. They cover the roughly ten-year period from the start of perestroika to the nomination of Vladimir Putin as Director of the FSB:  if you like, the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Empire.  Revised and rewritten, they are available for readers to download from Amazon’s Kindle store or from

For the time being I am currently sole publisher of all my books: those that originally appeared with an online publisher, those that appeared in paperback, and those that I have self-published in recent years.  It may not last, but while it does, it’s a heady feeling!

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